Shomrei Torah Koach
is a recipient
of the

Solomon Schechter Gold Award for Excellence in Synagogue Programming in the Koach Category

December 2005

College is a time of unparalled exploration and discovery. Campus life presents a whirlwind of choices and challenges. Koach is the Conservative movement's College Outreach Program that helps to keep our children connected to their synagogue and their Jewish roots. Each of Shomrei Torah's students who join Koach receive "Staying Jewish and Surviving College" by Paul Silverman; five fabulous holiday packages overflowing with goodies to satisfy the heart, the soul and the tummy; a subscription to Koach's "On Campus" -- a newsletter edited and written by and for students with features on Jewish campus life; monthly issues of Shomrei Torah's "L'Chaim" - a little bit of home when far away; e-mails from Rabbi Mark....and, a whole lot more!

In June of each year, our Koach Committee organizes a very special and moving Shabbat service to honor all of our high school and college graduates. We call this a ceremony of going forth - "Lech Lecha"or Moving-On. With special prayers, songs and gifts, it is our Congregation's opportunity to wish our grads mazel and bracha - good fortune and blessing, as they each being a new adventure.

KOACH College Outreach is a project of The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, providing college-age students the opportunity to maintain and develop connections to Torah, the Jewish people, Israel and God through a variety of activities, including social, religious, educational, cultural and social action programs. Koach seeks to create a passionate Jew who is committed to the future of the Jewish people and the improvement of the world.

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