By Thursday night, April 6th, authorize Rabbi Mark to sell any leavened products that are too valuable to dispose of.

Clcik here for an authorization form.

Sunday 4/9 Bedikat Hametz (Search for Leaven)
After Dark
Monday 4/10 Erev Pesah / Office Closed  
Minyan & Siyyum B’khorim
(Study Session for First Born Children)
7:00 AM
  Finish Eating Hametz 10:47 am
  Biur Hametz (Burning of the Leaven) 11:53 am
  Candle Lighting / 1st Seder 7:13 pm
Tuesday 4/11 Office Closed  
  Pesah Day 1 Service 9:30 am
Candle Lighting & Second Seder
Begin to Count the Omer
8:15 pm
Wednesday 4/12 Office Closed  
  Pesah Day 2 Service 9:30 am
  Mincha 7:45 pm
  Ma'ariv 8:16 pm
Thursday 4/13
Hol HaMoed Pesah Minyan
7:00 am
& 7:45 pm
Friday 4/14 Hol HaMoed Pesah Minyan 7:00 am
  Oneg Shabbat 5:30 pm
  Shabbat Ma'ariv 6:00 pm
  Candle Lighting 7:18 pm
Saturday 4/15 Shabbat / Hol HaMoed Service 9:30 am
  Havdalah 8:19 pm
Sunday 4/16 Hol HaMoed Service 9:00 am
  Mincha/7th Day Festival Ma’ariv 6:00 pm
  Candle Lighting for Peash 7 7:20 pm
Monday 4/17 Office Closed  
  Pesah Day 7 Festival Service 9:30 am
  Mincha/8th Day Festival Ma’ariv  6:00 pm
  Candle Lighting Time 8:21 pm
Tuesday 4/18 Office Closed  
  8th Day Service w/Yizkor 9:30 am
  Pesah ends / Havdalah Time 8:22 pm

Click here for a copy of the Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide


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