Rosh Chodesh, the celebration of the new moon, is an occasion for Jewish women to gather for ritual, learning and spiritual exploration, and to mark life passages in a uniquely women's space in time.  Please come with an open heart and mind, willing to share and to listen.  We will explore the unique energy and spiritual teachings connected to each month in the Hebrew calendar, and how it relates ro our own lives.

This group is open to all women.  Come join us!!  Our group will meet monthly between the months of Chesvan (Oct-Nov) - Sivan (May - June) on rosh Chodesh.  The Jewish Calendar is formulated on a Lunar-Solar Calendar.  Therefore, each month the group may meet on a different day of the week.  Each month we will meet for 90 minutes.  Upcomin dates to mark on your 2014-2015 claendar:

Thursday, October 23 - 6pm Sunday, November 23 - 6pm Tuesday, December 23 - 7pm     
Wednesday, January 21 - 7pm     Thursday, February 19 - 6pm     Saturday, March 21 - 7pm
Sunday, April 19 - 6pm Tuesday, May 19 - 7pm Wednesday, June 17 - 7pm

Any questions feel free to call Linda Dumoff - (862) 686-3609

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